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Actors Hong Jong-Hyun and Jung Yu-mi made a surprise appearance in "Running Man".Bạn sẽ xem: tuy vậy ji hyo và hong jong hyun to strut the runway in china

The New Year Project Final Race was held at SBS entertainment program "Running Man" which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 27th.

The first guest was actor Hong Jong-Hyun.On Hong Jong-Hyun"s appearance, Yoo Jae-Suk laughed, saying, "Why did you vị your hair lượt thích an alien?" Then actor Jung Yu-mi also appeared.Yoo Jae-Suk expressed his welcome feeling, "How long is it?" Jung Yu-mi asked Yoo Jae-Suk khổng lồ shake hands, saying, "I"m a fan."Jung Yu-mi was in his first appearance on "Running Man." He smiled, saying, I"m always at trang chủ with "Running Man."

Yoo Jae-Suk saw Kim Jong-kook and tuy nhiên Ji-hyo và said, "It"s like "Two MCs"."He laughed when he saw Kim Jong-kook in black và saw "Asphalt" and Jeon So-min in yellow.

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Lee Sung-kyung "four-year-old younger sister, acting as a musical actor...more than me" (white-half-time)

Actor Lee Sung-kyung spoke about his 4-year-old younger sister. In the 118th episode of TV Chosun 'White Travel of the Diner Huh Young-man' (hereinafter referred lớn as 'White Travel'), which was broadcast on August 27, the Incheon Ganghwa Island delicacy table with actor Lee Sung-kyung was portrayed. Lee Sung-kyung revealed that he had a brother who was four years old, saying, "It is a younger sister, but it is strong, thick and good, lượt thích a son." "I'm doing musicals, I'm just starting and working hard," she replied lớn Huh Young-man, who asked her brother's current situation.

In the 100th episode of You Quiz on the Block, which airs today (31st), at 8:40 p.m., a special feature of Unknown Augmented Reality will be held. Singer IU, Chess national representative Kim Yu-bin, Pororo voice actor Lee Sun, crisis negotiation expert Lee Jong-hwa, appears as a web7_user và shares an Augmented reality life in various fields. First, the representative celebrity of Korea và the singer IU who believes & listens find 'Yu Quiz'. The singer IU & actor Lee Ji-eun, who came to lớn the kết thúc of his 20s who ran hard, & the value of human Lee Ji-eun's life, current troubles, and future plans, Kim Yu-bin, the youngest Chess national team member, who is the Augusted reality version of the US Chess drama Queens Bite, attracts attention with his natural temperament. Chess starts at the age of six, starts as a national youth national team at the age of nine, and tells the way Chess gifted students walked until they won the youngest preliminary master WCM (Woman Candidate Ma

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Kim Yeon-kyung, Oh Ji-young, Yeom Hye-sun, Kim Hee-jin, Lee So-young, Ahn Hye-jin & Park Eun-jin of the women's volleyball team, who gave hope & impression khổng lồ the people through passion and passion that they did not give up in '2020 Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and' In fact, 'Running Man' is the first entertainment show in which a large number of female volleyball team players appear. The production team is preparing a special feature for the limited meeting between 'Running Man' members & national team players. Immediately after the '2020 Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and', various portals và online communities were flooded with requests for 'Running Man' by national players, and the meeting between the women's volleyball team and 'Running Man' was finalized. The race of 'Running Man' and the women's volleyball team, which will be a meeting of the past cấp độ that can not be seen in any

Park Hae Soo opened an Instagram account on the 2nd & said, "I participated too . Park Hae Soo; Park Hae Soo. đến Sang-woo. Squid Game," he posted. The photo released together shows Park Hae Soo staring at the camera; Park Hae Soo showed off her warm visuals in a suit and a smile. Actor Lee Jung-jae also opened an SNS account for the first time in 28 years after his debut. The two's SNS openings quickly spread, with Lee Jung-jae achieving 250,000 followers & Park Hae Soo quickly achieving more than 120,000 followers. On the other hand, Netflix original 'Squid Game' released on the 17th is a drama depicting survival game with a prize money of 45.6 billion won.

Drama, which sent out Ju Young-do (‘You Are My Spring’) & added lớn the các mục of new favorites, is the ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ by Shin Min-ah & Kim Seon-ho. Although the first impression was not intense, the good image of Shin Min-a and Kim Seon-ho made Drama run. The blue seascape that unfolds over the window in the situation of forced korona 19 is also a charm point. Drama is a moment when it is more mild than a poisonous taste than ever. Another reason to wait for this weekend is the late actor Kim Joo-hyuk, who suddenly left the world due to lớn a traffic accident and suffered the sadness of many people. As it is known, 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha' is a movie starring Kim Joo-hyuk và Uhm Jung-hwa. It is a version of Drama by Handy, Mr Hong’s. Remembered as Handy, Mr Hong, it was a surprise gift that gave more fun và excitement than expected at the time of its release in 2004. Handy, Mr Hong 'is also one of Kim Joo Hyuk's masterpieces along with' Kwang Sik 's brothe

BTS RM "attractive look"

Photo: The Fact Music Awards offered

"Jin beautiful" phái mạnh Gung-min, from head khổng lồ toe "Cheongcheong fashion"...

Actor phái mạnh Gung-min completely extinguished Cheongcheong fashion. On the 3rd, Namgung posted several photos with xanh heart-shaped emoticons on his instagram. In the photo, phái nam Gung-min was dressed in xanh as well as top and bottom, but it was too fashionable, but nam giới Gung-min was completely digested. On the other hand, nam giới Gung Min is in love with mã sản phẩm Jin-mum for 5 years and is appearing in MBC's new gilt drama 'The Veil'.

seojin bake "attractive full step"

Singer seajin bake enters KBS station for recording stage broadcast on October 4th.

Choi Jung-yoon, Eland II and broke down in 10 years. "We are in the process of divorce."

Actor Choi Jung-yoon (44) was crushed after 10 years of marriage with her husband Yoon Tae-joon (Yoon Chung-geun, 40). According to the report, Choi is currently in the process of divorce from Yoon Tae-joon, & after a long conversation, they decided to lớn go their separate ways. Choi Jung-yoon & Yoon Tae-joon are quietly taking steps khổng lồ divorce. Choi Jung-yoon, who has recently successfully completed the SBS daily drama 'Amor các buổi tiệc nhỏ - Love, Now', is trying to lớn finish the divorce process as quietly as possible by considering Yoon Tae-joon & his family. Yoon Tae-joon is the son of former vice chairman Park Sung-kyung, and Choi Jung-yoon has been called "Eland's daughter-in-law" và "chaebol's daughter-in-law" since her marriage in 2011. In the JTBC entertainment program "The Most Normal Family" broadcasted last year, Choi Jung-yoon revealed his struggle with a working mom who is worried about career interruption rather than someone's dau

Kang Hyung-seok, who was pure, turned into a ruthless...""Cong Min-jeong" & a full-fledged love line? ("Hometown Cha-Cha")

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Steel, where the pureness và the charming charm of actor Kang Hyung-seok coexist, was unveiled. Kang Hyung-seok is playing the role of Choi Eun-cheol, a police officer at a resonance police box, who has a sincere và serious personality in everything in the TVN Saturday drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Eun-chul appeared as the first guest of Yun Chi-gwa và captured the heart of Mi-sun (Kong Min-jung). Although he gives favors to the unpaid, the straight dash gave the drama a fun khổng lồ realize with the strange & harmless charm that he could not notice. & last week, in the broadcast, he politely refused lớn confess, và he was attracted to his own beliefs, which were more attractive because he was rustic. However, Eun-chul, who refused to lớn confess to lớn Mi-sun and caused many viewers' sadness, visited Yun Chi-gwa in the 11th broadcast yesterday (the 2nd) và received scaling, conveying an incomprehensible word to lớn Mi-sun, & made her smile và raised curiosity. As the u