Mygold korean red ginseng extract


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14 Nexxen Cosmetic

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Gold MY JIN Korea Red Ginseng trắng Cream-
Facial CareFace Cream & Lotion-
red ginseng, white cream, remove freckle, remove pigmentation-

Product Information

Red-Ginseng whitening Cream contains red-ginseng extract, Albutin which are helpful lớn remove freckle, pigmentation through anti-melanin effect and give clear skin from dark skin.

Several useful ingredients infuse nourishment and vitality lớn keep your skin beautiful & healthy skin.

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Panax ginseng root extract, glycerin, shea butter , water ,….

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Park sang Ki


3F, Jogwang B/D 10, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea

Product Category

Face Cream & Lotion,Face Mask,Facial Cleanser,Skin Care Set,Sunscreen

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Company introduction

Skin care is the symbol of health for our contemporaries.Also, it places a lot value more than that beauty on all man & women.Nexxen Cosmetics are very skin-friendly natural cosmetic, these products are developed on the basis of our ancestor"s know-how using the features of natural herbal ingredients that have been handed down for hundreds and thousands years lớn be suitable for you skin type.We has been concentrating our efforts to develop safe và high chất lượng cosmetics.Nexxen produces various lines of beauty, such as skin care, hair products, toàn thân products, fragrance and makeup to lớn fulfill modern women"s needs.In the future, we will accomplish our mission as a eternal partner for customers with firm readiness và trust that will not produce the products with the highest grade product.Nexxen"s ideology "Produce superior chất lượng cosmetics và contribute to human beauty & well-being.

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