Turmeric & cranberry seed energizing radiance masque


A brightening Face Mask by Kiehl"s with Turmeric and Cranberry for energized, radiant skin.

Benefits Visibly brightens dull, fatigued skin for a more radiant appearance Gives skin an "instant facial" to help energize skin & leave it looking renewed và radiant Gently exfoliates with crushed Cranberry Seeds for softer, smoother skin For all skin types Key Ingredients CRANBERRY: A source of antioxidants và resveratrol. Within Kiehl"s formula, crushed Cranberry Seeds help exfoliate skin và leave it feeling smooth & radiant. TURMERIC: Known for its antioxidant properties. Traditionally, it has been used in skincare products to help brighten skin.

How to Use

Apply a visible layer khổng lồ clean skinAllow mask to dry for 10 minutesRinse with warm water và massage skin in a gentle, circular motion, allowing Cranberry Seeds lớn exfoliate skinPat dry with a soft towelAvoid tương tác with eyes, in case of contact, rinse immediately with waterRecommended for use 3 times per week


Aqua/Water, Kaolin, Sorbitol, Bentonite, Butylene Glycol, Silica, CI 77891/Titanium Dioxide, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed, Pentylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil/Jojoba Seed Oil, Caprylyl Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Polysorbate 60, Polyacrylamide, CI 77492/Iron Oxides, Glycerin, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Curcuma Longa Extract/Turmeric Root Extract, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Laureth-7, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Mentha Piperita Extract/Peppermint Leaf Extract, Menthol, Epilobium Angustifolium Extract-Epilobium Angustifolium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Aminomethyl Propanol, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Oil.

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Product Reviews

Rated 4.57 out of 5 stars

122 Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

Best Mask Ever!

This Tumeric/Cranberry Mask is the best skincare purchase I have made in a long time. Being a full time graduate student, I vày not have a lot of time to devote to lớn skincare but skincare is still very important to lớn me. This mask brightens my skin every time I use it (2x - 3x a week) and makes it look like I get facials every week! Not only has my skin been clear since I began using this mask two months ago, but I have received several compliments on my skin and how it is clear/glows. The mask smells good, exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling fresh. This mask will be a permanent part of my skincare routine.

Most Helpful Critical Review

A bit cumbersome

I love the idea of this masque, but I don"t love using it.I use some sort of treatment or masque almost every day. I"ve had this hàng hóa for 2 months now, and I have only used it about 3 times.I"m still unsure about the effect - I"d probably have to use it a bit more frequently lớn see the results, but Kiehl"s claims this masque is "instant."There"s really nothing "instant" about this masque though. The mô tả tìm kiếm makes it seem like you can just apply, let dry, & easily rinse off. That"s not the case, though. It is extremely difficult to remove, & the cranberry seeds stick to your skin. I literally have lớn scratch them off. Also, if I have any stubble on my face, it makes it way more tiresome.If this was a masque you could use PRIOR to washing your face, then it wouldn"t be so bad. But the fact that you"re supposed to lớn use this AFTER cleansing và toning makes it a nightmare. Its not something you can put on, rinse off, & head out the door. You"ve really got to lớn set aside time - and patience - to use this product. Oh, và have fun getting the cranberry seeds out of your sink.Great idea...great ingredients...needs improvement.

Reviewed by 122 customers

Best face mask.


Amira fromundisclosed

This is the best face mask. It really leaves my skin glowing.

Love at first use


JulieVN fromUtah

Love this mask và how it feels on the skin after washing my face. I"ve been using it for more than a year now

Like the Kiehls Amazonian Clay Mask, but better!


kiehlsuserrandom fromNew York, NY

I love this product! It applies and works just lượt thích a clay mask, but because of its Turmeric & Cranberry Seeds, exfoliates and brightens my skin! After doing this mask, my skin literally looks so bright and radiant - I am so happy with this product! Its smells so subtle và good too! The only reason I took off 1 star is because it IS a mess to lớn wash off with all the seeds và clay haha - still amazing though và totally worth it! I received a sample và HAD to get a full size one!

Great face mask!


LJohnson fromPA

I love this mask! My skin has a really nice glow after using it. It feels very dry when it is on your face but afterwards your skin will feel so soft!

really great


Kerm fromAlabama

if I could afford to use this daily along with patchology under eye patches, I would be amazing. I feel brighter with both. It"s great.

Love this mask


Carrie fromDowagiac

As long as you put a thin layer on it"s not hard lớn get off I love this mask I feel it tightens the skin & definitely brightens❤️

Awesome - It really works!!!


Linh fromCalifornia

I love mask especially with turmeric ingredient. After using it, my face feels brighter like the detox và minimize the pores. The cranberry also plays as the physical exfoliate which remove đen heads in my T-zone area. I just want lớn use it almost everyday but it is recommended for 3 times a week!

The only mask I"ll ever use!


Jojuan fromMichigan

I love this mask. Dries quickly và leaves my face and neck feeling refreshed and baby soft. After just two weeks my discolorations are fading.

Not as advertised


cartec fromDumfries, VA

There was no mention in the description about the texture of the cream. It was rough and didn"t perform as advertised. I returned it several weeks ago và I am still waiting for my refund.

Turmeric is Magic


starship fromNew Mexico

I love this mask. It"s in my opinion the best for me. I use many of Kiehl"s masks và products and my skin & eyes appreciates the special care. I gift their products all the time khổng lồ family & friends. Everyone is happy

Good overall. Seeds are potentially damaging.


SLCBean fromSalt Lake City, Utah

Love the active ingredients here. I would say instead of cranberry seeds, which can case micro tears và damage your skin, just use the crane berry derived resveratrol lượt thích is mentioned in the active ingredients section.

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yes i love this


jenna fromwisconsin

i"m a huge keihls skin care lover và some of my favorite products from this brand are the extraordinary face masks i highly recommended this product. I have oily/combination skin but i still love the glow this gives me after using

Love this!


Queen of hearts fromLos Angeles

I used before showering. Rinsed my face real good pat dry & applied let it stay on 15 min not 10 rubbed softly in shower. Wow what a difference! Will use twice a week. Very happy with this product

amazing mask


Avni fromSan Jose, CA

It is really good for gentle exfoliation and gives glow to the skin after short use.

Great Product! 4.5 stars


AZGuy7 fromArizona

I"ve been a loyal Kiehl"s web7_user for 25 years now. And I have to say this is one product that is one of the best. I just hope they don"t discontinue it.

Great Product! 4.5 stars


AZGuy71 fromArizona

I"ve been a loyal Kiehl"s web7_user for 25 years now. Và I have to say this is one sản phẩm that is one of the best. I just hope they don"t discontinue it.

Product Review


PrincessChanel fromCalifornia

I love the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Facial Mask.

Highly Impressed


Shell Bell fromLouisiana

I cannot believe it. I"ve been trying to lighten my dark spots on my face for months & I have only used this 2x and notice a difference. My whole face looks brighter. I read lots of reviews that said the seeds got stuck on people"s faces, but I had no trouble washing this mask off.

Best thing ever!!!


sfaria2 fromundisclosed

Got super dry flaky skin! Discovered this mask its best thing ever!! 100% recommend :)



Asiamo4 fromNC

This mask was absolutely amaze!! The glow it gave my skin was literally everything *applause*



AnnieNguyen2612 fromVietnam

I have been using Kiehl"s for 4 years and after using 3 other masks, I decided to go for this one. It lives up khổng lồ my expectation, leaving my skin clear, fresh and good after weeks.

This mask is life changing


Aweinberg fromNYC

Immediately after my first use I was hooked. I have been obsessed with this mask for over one year now. It truly isn"t a lie when it is described as an instant facial. It brightens your skin after one use. I will use this sản phẩm for the rest of my life.

Leaves skin bright but annoying lớn get off face


jnorth20 fromTexas

I have a love/hate relationship with this mask. It does leave my skin brighter và I can tell a difference immediately, it"s a pain to wipe off... May sound dumb but the seeds stick to lớn your face even when using a wash cloth. Also, this does not exfoliate, the "seeds" are soft. Will not purchase again.



Tiara fromDMV

I love this mask, visibly brightens after first use and leaves skin nice & smooth. The seeds are annoying khổng lồ get off so I apply before getting in the shower và rinse off there. Much easier to get the seeds off that way.

It"s ok


Tenderloin fromNew york

Nice smell khổng lồ it. Even exfoliates but does not work as a mask. Good for fooling clients but not for personal use.