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BTS is undeniably on the very top of the world due lớn their explosive sầu global popularity. And this popularity grows with every new release. However, I bởi vì prefer more of their older releases. One of them has to lớn be the album series that started off cementing their popularity domestically by earning them their first wins in South Korea through the weekly music shows. This album series, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, is made up of three different releases. The first is Part 1 (their 3rd mini-album, released on April 2015), Part 2 (their 4th mini-album, released on December 2015) và Young Forever (their first compilation album consisting of the songs from the two previous mini-albums, along with 3 others và this was released on April 2016). Let’s have sầu a quichồng look baông chồng on these releases.Quý Khách sẽ xem: The most beautiful moment in life: young forever

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Disc 1


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The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (Intro Track) (Intro: 화양연화)
– Opening up the compilation album & 3rd mini-album is this introductory trachồng. Suga takes the reins of the traông chồng, being the only member khổng lồ actually be in the traông chồng. His rapping is phenomenal. The breathing that fades in tells you khổng lồ expect something that will blow you away và the breathing that fades out is literally me after listening khổng lồ the song. A lot of deepness in his lyrics as well. (9/10)

2. I Need U (Title Track) – Cliông xã here lớn read the full reviews for I Need U. (10/10)

3. Hold Me Tight (잡아줘) – Included on their 3rd mini-album, I am sure this type of traông xã would have excited fans and listeners baông chồng when it was released in 2015. Listening to lớn now, it seems lượt thích a very typical R&B trachồng for BTS. There was a great display of vocals, especially towards the kết thúc. Their rapping was toned down to fit the more soothing nature of the instrumentation. I did think that this was a great traông xã khổng lồ follow up the I Need You title trachồng, as it keeps some of the previous vibes but channelled it through to lớn a slightly slower and paced track. (7.5/10)

4. Autumn Leaves (고엽) – Included on their 4th mini-album, Autumn Leaves was produced by Suga. This comes by no surprise as listening lớn all the members on the track, Suga fits in perfectly. Apart from Suga, the vocal line sound exceptional in this tuy vậy. I also lượt thích the analogy that is made in this tuy nhiên. The members are like Autumn Leaves when they are trying khổng lồ hold onlớn their lover. They bởi not want to lớn fall but they will eventually. The instrumental was probably the most boring part of the trachồng, as it feels very BTS now. (7/10)

6. Run (Title Track) – Cliông chồng here khổng lồ read the full Reviews for Run.

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7. Ma City – Featured on the 4th mini-album, Ma City was an upbeat addition lớn really bring up the energy. The tracks that are on the 4th mini-album/this album has been very depressing or serious. So, some light is much appreciated. The tuy vậy references several Korean cities including Ilsan, Busan, Gwangju, Daegu (which I am sure are the member’s hometowns). The pride they have is showcased effortlessly in this catchy trachồng. As it stood out on its original/this album, I thought the traông xã was quite infectious as well. (8/10)

8. Crow-Tit (뱁새) – One of the standout tracks from the 4th mini-album was Crow-Tit. The traông xã is heavily doused in the hip-hop genre, which I think it totally up BTS alley. I rethành viên not being much a bạn of the traông chồng for the same reason. Now that I have reviewed several tracks of a similar nature, I see the appealing side of Crow-Tit, just not to the same extent as long-time fans. The energy and its message about double standards for the way the younger generation is perceived are also quite memorable. (7.5/10)

9. Dope (쩔어) – While writing these PARs, I revisit my past đánh giá lớn see how my thoughts about the tuy vậy have changed. While I don’t increase the score of a tuy vậy that is already ranking quite high, I have decided lớn make an exception for Dope, which has become one of my favourite BTS songs ever. Therefore, I have sầu changed the 9/10 lớn 10/10. Cliông chồng here lớn read the original nhận xét for Dope. (10/10)

11. Save Me (Title Track) – Cliông xã here to lớn read the full Đánh Giá for Save sầu Me. (9/10)

12. Epilogue: Young Forever – This is one of the new releases featured on the compilation album. It also got a lot of fanfare as it was released as a pre-release track with its own music video. The traông chồng is standard for the group, but I think the vocals and raps (one of their best efforts yet) lifts the entire song to lớn a whole new level. Even before pressing play, I can hear the echo of the line ‘Forever, we are young’ in the bachồng of mind, showcasing to lớn me the song’s longevity in my own books. While I never wrote a Reviews for this trachồng, it has continued to lớn blow me away after 3 years. (9.5/10)

(lưu ý Traông chồng 5 is a Prologue Version of Butterfly.

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Due lớn the length of this post, I have sầu only elected to lớn Đánh Giá the original size of Butterfly.)

Disc 2

1. Converse High – The praises for the shoes in this song is quite high. While the focus should be on the girl wearing the shoes, Converse High does a pretty good job at promoting the footwear instead. The track is a nice song. But to me, it is a step away from their usual stuff as it is quite bright and very neutral. And because of its neutral gearing, I find the traông chồng lớn be quite a bore. Nonetheless, it is still good in some respects but not their best. More of a filler traông xã for me. (7/10)

2. Moving On (이사) – Also featuring on their 3rd mini-album, I find Moving On khổng lồ be more BTS appropriate and interesting compared to Converse High. I think the traông xã brings out the best of the vocal line. Each vocadanh sách sound so smooth in the trachồng. In conjunction with the melody, I find the tuy nhiên lớn be very memorable. I also lượt thích how nice the instrumental sound. It is soft at times when it is needed to be và gives off a pleasant atmosphere overall. (8/10)

3. Whalien 52 – The song is about a whale who could sing but no other whale could hear its voice. The poor whale becomes lonely, as no other whale wants khổng lồ be around the one who supposedly can’t sing. Yet, the lonely whale continues lớn sing until it is heard. Perseverance và persistence, that is the message of this tuy nhiên. And BTS portrays in a nice trachồng. It felt more pop-ish thanks to lớn the upbeat vibes from the instrumental. But other than that, I found the track khổng lồ be skippable. (7/10)

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="alignnone wp-image-36272" src="" alt="bts-themostbeautifulmomentpart2-2" width="450" height="450" srcset=" 450w, 900w, 150w, 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px" />The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 2 Album Cover4. Butterfly – To me, Butterfly is one of the best ballads that I have ever heard during the many years I have listened khổng lồ KPOP. (I think it might be 10 years or so of KPOPhường for me, to lớn put it into perspective). There is something so beautiful about this emotional track that makes me come baông xã to the track time and time again, despite it being released 3 years ago. The vocals literally glide along and the rapping fits in perfectly. Maybe it is because BTS is known for their intense songs, that something so fragile managed to lớn st& out from the pack. (10/10)

5. House of Cards – Formerly outro for the 4th mini-album, BTS included the entire track on the compilation album. A dream come true for those who wished that intro và outros should be a full song. Performed by the vocal line, the tuy nhiên opens with a very dramatic feeling. Then comes the singing (which is amazing, once again), which helps builds the suspense that we have already experienced. The tuy vậy talks about love sầu in a dramatic sense, which matches the song’s initial atmosphere perfectly. (9/10)

Trachồng 7 to lớn 11 are alternate versions of I Need You, Run and Butterfly.

Overall Album Rating – 9.6/10

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